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Our weekly posts cover topics ranging from economics and culture to entrepreneurship, economic reforms, industrial policy and agriculture, among other. Always warm and inspirational. Sometimes critical and provoking.
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We are economic development experts combining policy and business experience with data science and applied academic knowledge. Our analytical insights are rigorous and precise, but also relevant ad practical.
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We work with government agencies, businesses and international organizations to pilot novel educational practices and institutions, help develop and evaluate industrial, agricultural and rural development policies.
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Tbilinomics Policy Advisors

Tbilinomics (თბილიnomics) is a policy advisory platform bringing together government and business experience on the one hand, and applied academic knowledge, on the other. We don’t believe in copy-pasting policies and institutions from one jurisdiction to another. Our mission is to help tailor development solutions to particular cultural, social and economic contexts.


Russia has certain economic leverage over Georgia, as last year Georgian exports to Russia accounted for around 15% of total exports by value. A disproportionate amount of Georgian exports to Russia are wine, brandy, foodstuffs, and mineral water. The threat of a renewed trade embargo has people in Georgia’s agriculture, beverage and food sectors worried. A review of export data reveals that, should a comprehensive embargo on Georgian wine exports to Russia be imposed, there will be winners and losers in this scenario.

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We work with government agencies to design, implement – and learn from – policy experiments seeking to create jobs and improve the quality of education and other public services.

We work with donors and international NGOs to pilot innovative interventions that lead to tangible and irreversible development outcomes.

We work with businesses and individual philanthropists to design and coordinate community-oriented actions – alone and together with other public and private entities.

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