Farming is not just a job, it’s a way of life.                                   



Tbilinomics works with governments, donors, and agricultural sector professionals to design, monitor and evaluate interventions targeted at semi-commercial farmers and farmer groups. Our interest is not in ad hoc assistance measures, but in sustainable assistance mechanisms involving private sector partners. We believe that the only way to reduce commercial risks in agriculture and improve farmers’ access to finance, machinery, skills and knowhow is to build lasting connections between them and downstream industry partners and buyers. According to our vision, governments and donors can play a role in the process by forming Public-Private Partnerships (“development alliances”) with interested food processing enterprises, retail chains and other aggregators in the agricultural sector.

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Our past and current projects are concerned with the immense challenge of integrating traditional farmers into modern value chains.

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Eric Livny
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Simon Appleby
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Andrey Maximov

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