New VET System Coordination Setup

Seeking a win-win-win solutions for Georgian youth, employers and education institutions.

About the Project

Tbilinomics Policy Advisors and ACT support a special Task Force representing the Georgian government, UNDP and Swiss Development Cooperation, which was created to design a national coordination mechanism for Georgia’s TVET system.

An inadequately educated workforce is currently the single most problematic factor for doing business in Georgia (see, for example, 2017-18 Global Competitiveness Report). The  main issue for Georgian employers is not a shortage of candidates with diplomas and formal certificates, but a lack of relevant professional skills. Addressing this challenge is impossible in the absence of effective coordination mechanisms, which would help overcome the immature and fragmented nature of Georgia’s industry and agriculture, link employers to professional colleges and to relevant government institutions. Unfortunately, existing business associations are typically unrepresentative of the sectors and industries they purport to represent, lacking in vision, organization, professional staff and resources. Perhaps for this reason, previously created national coordination mechanisms have not proven effective. For example, as stated in European Training Foundation’s Georgia 2016 report, the so-called National VET Council (NVETC), which existed until 2016, suffered from a lack of genuine business participation and ownership.

ACT and Tbilinomics will work with the Task Force to design and assess several alternative coordination setups for Georgia, based on a thorough review of the literature; analysis of best international practices drawn from successful countries, such as Croatia, Finland, Switzerland, Singapore, Ireland, and Australia; and interviews with all relevant stakeholders.

For more information about this project contact Eric Livny.

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